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Old Publications (Pre 2012)

1. Localised Simultaneous Clustering and Classification

[ ResearchGate'12] A. Kumar, Y. Park, A. Sharma, J. Ghosh, UT-Austin

2. Simple Usupervised Topic Discovery for Attribute Extraction for SEM task

                [LREC'12 SemRel II Workshop] A. Kumar, R. Chatwin, J. Ghosh, UT-Austin

3. Dating Texts without Explicit Temporal Cues

                [arXiv'11] A. Kumar, M. Lease, J. Baldridge, J. Ghosh, UT-Austin

4. Supervised Language Modeling for Temporal Resolution of Texts

[CIKM'11, pp 2069-2072] A. Kumar, M. Lease and J. Baldridge

5. Modeling Annotator Accuracies for Supervised Learning

[WSDM'11, CSDM Workshop, pp 19-22] A. Kumar and M. Lease

6. Learning to Rank from a Noisy Crowd

[SIGIR'11 pp 1221-1222] A. Kumar and M. Lease

7. A real world network pricing game with less severe Braess' Paradox

[arXiv'09] A. Kumar, IIT-Guwahati, S. K. Das, IIT-Kharagpur

My Graduate Research Work (UT-Austin)

        I worked with Prof. Joydeep Ghosh, Prof. Matthew Lease and Prof. Jason Baldridge in the area of Statistical Machine Learning, Generative Models, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval.

My Under-Graduate Research Work (IIT)

        My under-graduate research has been mostly in the area of Databases and Distributed Computing.

Bachelor's Thesis

Stream Databases with distributed data stream sources

[pdf]Advisor - Dr G. Sajith, Prof., Department of CSE, IIT Guwahati

Numerical Analysis and Computation

    In Numerical Computation, I worked with Prof. S. Natesan, IIT-Guwahati. We mainly worked on Boundary Value Problems (BVPs) with Singularity. We concentrated on Equi-Distributed and Immersed Interface Meshes to solve BVPs numerically.